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Tamara Cobos Rodriguez

Cell: +32 (0)473 473 979

- Tries to chart a course for CSR towards which we need to grow.
- Tries to follow the ins and outs in order to feel the atmosphere in the field of reflexology and goes to meetings of RiEN and FPS Economy.
- Follows legislative changes in Belgium and the European Union and attends meetings of FPS Economy and RiEN.
- Contacts interesting people in the field of reflexology and is present at various activities.
- Presides over board meetings and general meetings, directs discussions and finalises the agenda.
- Participates in meetings with other committees, such as the school committee, research committee,...
- Records the meetings of the BeVo and all other meetings it attends in order to pass on this information to the rest of the board or to the members.
- Sends the membership renewal invoice each year and takes the necessary steps in January to set up the website and database correctly.
- Finishes the file of new members
- Takes care of the website and social media and the final member communication.